this just completely made my day.

thank you slate.


Rock the Viz-ote!

So I was just on Slate doing my daily lunch time current event catch up reading (DLTCECUR for short?) and I saw this article about young voters and rocking the vote.  It speculates whether voters 29 and younger will come out to vote this year and if that will make a difference for Obama, who currently has 60% of the young people vote. 

There was one paragraph that irked me:

Of course, organizers are saying this year could be different. And not just because of Here are a few indicators that in 2008 young people might actually turn off the Family Guy marathon and show up on voting day.

What?!? I mean, I understand if we are talking about the 21 and under vote – but 29 and under and they are putting us all in the category of a bunch of couch potatoes who spend all their evenings watching Family Guy reruns on comedy central?!  Ugh.  I would venture to guess that many of the 29 and under registered voters are young professionals with real interest in what is going on in the world around them. 

Along the same vein – I caught this video this morning from the Craig Ferguson show. 

Seriously – it is so true.  Look into the issues – find out what the candidates will actually DO for you and vote accordingly, but VOTE!