I am Brianne.   I am 28, a mom, and a graphic designer.

One summer day, when I was 13 or so, my whole family was gathered around for some delicious ice cream for dessert.   Someone pulled out the gallon of chocolate chip out of the freezer and I exclaimed: “CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!!  That is my SECOND FAVORITE ice cream!!!”  There was a pause and then everyone started laughing.  I tried to reasonably explain that mint chip was my favorite so naturally it was very easy to have a second favorite and that chocolate chip would be the reasonable choice for a contender, but to no avail.   Ever since then my family has always teased me about my second favorite things.

I had to come up with a name for my fake graphic design business for school and with my family helping me brainstorm, the name “My Second Favorite” was thrown out there.  I decided I would rather be everyones first favorite graphic designer, but that “My Second Favorite” wasn’t such a bad name for a blog.  My brother-in-law suggested that all the blog should be is a list of my second favorite things, but in actuality, I really don’t have that many.  So every now and then you may see something or another that I like almost as much as I like something else, but most of the time, just updates on my life and family.


4 Responses

  1. Rad!

  2. THE FIT IS GO= favorite
    you’ve done a good job with your blog, I really like your Artsy Fartsy title, its just like you.

  3. Thanks Griff – I am glad that you approve.

    The fit always is and always will be GO!

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