well then

so its been quite long since i’ve posted on this site.  life has been busy in the last few months, but the cartwrights are having a great time.  we bought a house, celebrated thanksgiving, christmas, new years, etc etc, and somehow grew ourselves a one year old baby!

how the heck max has become a whole 12 months old, i will never understand.

we had a very fun birthday party for him a few days before his actual birthday, which then let us conveniently keep up the decorations and the partying for a few days.  i’m planning a separate post all about his birthday extravaganza(s), but in the mean time, here are my favorite things about max right now:

  • how he sleeps!  i shouldn’t even be writing these words for fear of jinxing this, but right now max goes down around 8 pm and often sleeps in past 9 am.  it is quite joyous to say the least.
  • he loves to read – he has this cute little laugh that he does when he is pleased about things, kinda like huh,huh.  he specifically does it on his favorite pages of his favorite books.
  • he doesn’t really walk yet, but is getting quite close.  he cruises all between the furniture and takes one or two steps here and there.  his first actual steps were on his birthday!
  • he loves to copy us and tries a lot to mimic sounds we make, including animal names and sounds.  sometimes to convince him (or distract him) to stand on his own, we’ll put toys on our heads.  specifically this little M magnet from one of those alphabet magnet sets.  now, whenever he sees that M, he puts it up on his head right away and laughs.
  • he has started snuggling a lot.  i will usually say, “how bout a snug?” and he smiles huge and lays his head down.
  • when we closed on our house, our good friend (and realtor) gave us a little stuffed mouse/ball for max (picture here) and he LOVES it!  he sleeps with it every night and every nap.  we usually ask him if he wants to go night-night with mousie and lots of times he’s super stoked about it.  he’ll hold him next to his neck and snuggle in.
  • max fah-reaked out at his last doctor appt.  apparently, he hadn’t forgotten his last shots.  from the second we had to lay him down to measure him, until we walked back out to the elevators, he was one unhappy camper.  (this isn’t the cute part).  a few days later, we had to take scott to the doctor.  max was in a great mood that day, he was wooing all the old people in the waiting room but the second we got into the examination room, devastation!  he calmed down really fast though and i think it was good for him to see that not all doctors visits are bad.  maybe now he won’t be so so sad next time.
  • his old man hair.  its kinda in this awkward, in-between stage where it goes halfway over his ears, and its long on top, but just weird altogether.  i’ve been thinking about cutting it, but keep holding off hoping it gets cuter.  regardless, it adds to his cuteness to have weird hair.  🙂

i love this little time in our lives.  its really unique for both of us, as mom & son.  its probably going to be one of the few times in my life that i’ll be able to focus on just one child, and i realize that it’s special.  i went out of town for about 10 days after thanksgiving and left scott and max to their own devices.  when i came home, i had been replaced!  dad was the new favorite for sure.  for the first week or so, max cried every time his buddy went off to work.    now that we’ve been back to our old routine (of everyday, pretty much all day together), i’m back at number one.  as much as i love that scott is such a good dad and that him and max are buds, i am stoked to be back in first.  there’s nothing quite like it.

putting the M on his head


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