A short post in honor of Andrea

This last weekend we celebrated Andrea’s birthday, it was a fun celebration, with lots of yummy food.

In belated honor of her birthday, I proudly present a google voice translation of a voicemail she left us:

By all of the Dina on it. Okay. Yeah. Okay, bye bye second fine.
Mack got. It’s a great day. Bye eat so. Okay, back to me. Okay bye.

The actual translation? Listen for yourself.

Just one of the many reasons we love her to pieces!

101st Post

Goodness Gracious that’s a lot of blogging. (Never mind that it took me more than three years.)

Yesterday I lost the lid to the peanut butter jar. How do these things happen? After searching high and low, I gave up and improvised with aluminum foil, leaving the jar on the counter to remind me to look and have Scott look too.

I continued complaining about it well into the evening. “What the HECK happened to the lid??!?” I was floored. Finally I decided to put the jar in the pantry, aluminum foil and all. As I picked it up, a hint of blue lid smiled up at me from under the foil. My first thought was that I hadn’t ever lost it at all and had put that foil on top of a lidded jar. Was I going crazy?

That’s when I found out that Scott found the lid while I was out and replaced it, along with the aluminum foil. A true foil, you could say.

I laughed so loud I woke up the baby.

I can't eat peanut butter yet....

10 Happy Things

I’m feeling pretty funkish tonight.  Nothing feels quite right.  So instead of continuing to give in to my bad mood as I have been doing all day, here’s this.

1. Anna Nelson – the newest, cutest little girl born to my soul sister Alli.

2. How Max gets really excited whenever I fake sneeze at him.

3.  Scott’s at hockey right now.  The ice is a happy place for him, so him being there is a happy place for me.

4. This song

5. The making and eating of scotcheroos.  If you don’t know what these are, let me know, I’ll make you a batch!

6. Cooler Fall Weather – and this recipe.

7. Pretty fonts

8. Bloggers that I love portraying my thoughts in a way that I never could.

9.  We finally have a wedding picture on our wall.  It’s this one:

10. This bum!

Lovin the swings

Max now loves the swings at the park.  We went a couple weeks ago and met up with our friends.  James was really good at not pushing Max too much.