It’s Somebody’s Half Birthday Today

Is this for real?  I honestly cannot believe that my little Max is already 6 months old.  In celebration, we ate some mushed pears, palled around in the baby carrier and tried really hard not to be put in the car seat.  Okay, so that was all just Max, but not too bad a way to spend a day, right?



I know it is going to sound cliche, but I was changed forever the minute this little guy joined our crazy world.  My body obviously has its baby battle wounds, but my heart is what has changed the most.  I really thought I knew what I was getting into, this Mom stuff.  I have loved lots of babies in my day.  But it is just a different level of love and concern.  Every minute of my day is enveloped with Max.  Whether in the actions of taking care of him, or thoughts of how I should do things to make his little life the best it can be.  So yeah, being a Mom is pretty great, but being Max’s Mama is what I was made to do.

Love him!

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  1. happy half birthday mr. max!!!

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