1 AM thoughts

has there ever been a worse idea than blogging in the middle of the night?

i got back an hour ago from seeing a movie with a friend.  scotty was cute and asleep on the couch and did a drunk* walk down to the bed.  i’m wired with thoughts of jackson, mississippi and a splash of diet coke.

for those curious, there is probably nothing quite as satisfying as pumping a full bottle of milk**.  my body makes that stuff!  just watch me nourish my baby, don’t try to stop me!

speaking of the bubs, everything lately to him is the funniest thing alive.  things lately that have gotten hearty laughs include: the dogs at grandma’s / hushing the dogs at grandma’s / reading “moo, baa, lalala” / taking a bath, especially rinsing of the hair / rolling / sneezing / and of course the occasional*** tickle.

i can’t stop thinking of the little blue house that might become ours.  scott would tell me to have “even hopes.” not too high, but not so low that i have a bad attitude about it.  i’m basically roller-coastering between the two.  one minute i’m the little blue house cheerleader and the next, i’m a sullen cynical.  right now, i just want to sit in that kitchen and bake some cookies.  and look out the window and just be there.

and a picture for your time here tonight:

the sun - - has gone - - to bed and so must i - -



* not actually drunk

** TMI? whatev.

*** not actually occasional at all, tickling him is my new favorite pastime

Conversations with the Cartwrights

Her: I really hope we get that house.  Maybe we should do something to discourage other buyers from thinking its awesome.

Him: Yeah!  We could get a dog and just walk back and forth complaining about the neighborhood.

Her: Good idea.

Him: We could tell people that we see ghosts there all the time.

Her: Don’t say that!

Him: Yeah, that’s really creepy.  I’m spooked out now.

(We are probably the only two grown adults anywhere that could spook ourselves out of buying a not-haunted house.)

What 6 months…

according to Photo Booth looks like.  Otherwise known as, come see what a slob Brianne looks like most of the time!  Yes, we roll in style over here folks. I actually think the couple of pictures where I look decent were the day I got my hair done!  As in, I never brush my hair!  Welcome to my life.  🙂  But the real story is Mr. Max.  He who could have cared less about the large monitor in his face in pictures 1 – 3, now wants to grab it and see if he can fit all 27″ in his mouth… not gonna happen kiddo.

It’s Somebody’s Half Birthday Today

Is this for real?  I honestly cannot believe that my little Max is already 6 months old.  In celebration, we ate some mushed pears, palled around in the baby carrier and tried really hard not to be put in the car seat.  Okay, so that was all just Max, but not too bad a way to spend a day, right?



I know it is going to sound cliche, but I was changed forever the minute this little guy joined our crazy world.  My body obviously has its baby battle wounds, but my heart is what has changed the most.  I really thought I knew what I was getting into, this Mom stuff.  I have loved lots of babies in my day.  But it is just a different level of love and concern.  Every minute of my day is enveloped with Max.  Whether in the actions of taking care of him, or thoughts of how I should do things to make his little life the best it can be.  So yeah, being a Mom is pretty great, but being Max’s Mama is what I was made to do.

Love him!