New Favorite Song.

Go and make a Brett Dennen channel on your Pandora now.  I’ve been a little obsessed this week.  This is my new fav song:

I was telling Scott how I just love Brett Dennen.  He was teasing me about it, but I let him know that although Brett has red hair too, Scott is much cuter and thus has nothing to worry about.  Scott admitted that this song is pretty catchy, but if he catches Brett hanging around the house, we’ll have a problem.  Haha!  Now I’m totally tempted to post my top 5 favorite red-heads.  Scott definitely makes #1 (of course).  But Brett would have to make the list for musical ability alone, and we can’t forget about Cord McCoy, the Amazing Race Cowboy and PBR’er.  He’s great. (and Prince Harry and Conan. There.  Five.  Is it sad that I could keep going??!?  I think it may have been 7 brides for 7 brothers that ingrained this into my mind.  Benjamin anyone??? )

Bottom line?  Listen and love the song above.  It may change your life.  Also?  Redheads are cute.  The end.

2 Responses

  1. I LOVE that Cord made your list! Ha!

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