Happy Easter from Us!

Us at a Easter Egg Hunt at church Friday night.  Max obviously couldn’t really have cared less, but it was neat to see all the kids get so excited.  Look at them behind us, they are stoked!

Max is sooooo excited!  Well, he is touching the purple egg, so at least its not a loss.  🙂

All eggy-ness aside, I really do love so much about Easter.  I love how it means that Spring is here and Summer just around the corner.  Growing up, we didn’t do much egg hunting or easter bunnying.  I appreciate how the focus was always on the Savior and I know I won’t ever be able to think about easter without thinking about that.  On that note, here is a great video from the Mormon Messages channel.  It was nice to spend three minutes tonight watching this and reflecting a bit.

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