Backtracking: Christmas time

How is this the one and only picture I got during the whole Christmas Vacation?


Well at least its a good one!

This was right when the Hamptons got off the airplane. We were all there just waiting to pounce on them.

We had a great Christmas with all of our family in town, my sister and her family came in from Boston, so we really had so much fun with everyone.

Then, Andrea and Tyler got married on New Years Eve. It was a gorgeous wedding, and I tried my best to not look like a blimp in my 8.999 months pregnant state. The only bummer of the day was my allergies were acting up like crazy so I was sneezing and sniffling the whole day through. That gets old fast! But Andrea didn’t notice or know until just a couple weeks ago. Success! 🙂

Here are Scott and I waiting outside the temple… (these pics are thanks to Blair and Facebook)

And how cute is this guy – giving his toast to Annie and Tyler.

Andrea looked so gorgeous. Her dress was custom made, and just right.

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