Driving Range

We got together on Friday for a little golf action at the driving range.  I’ve never been before and it was quite fun.  The only golf balls I’ve hit before were on the mini-golf course, so I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go, but it was very fun!  We met up with Greg and Joanie there and took turns taking care of Max while the others hit the balls.  Max totally cooperated and was fast asleep for a good part of our time there.

I had to do a close up of the last picture for you all.  Scott and his dad are very very much alike, and you can really see it in their faces on the last picture.  They literally have the same exact look on their face, checking out where their balls landed.

Scott gave me a few quick tips and I was off and running.  Don’t get me wrong, I whiffed it multiple times, but there was a few times that I made great contact and the ball went sailing.  It was great!  I’m looking forward to trying it again!

I love this picture of Max and Joanie.  They are buds.

Also?  Going to a driving range was on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days!  Its great that I can check it off.


Softball by the Bay

This week Scott’s work softball game was literally right on Mission Bay.  It was a gorgeous day so we went and enjoyed the sun and a win!

Max was very good and enjoyed playing in his stroller for a while and then fell asleep in the wrap.  It was so nice to be by the coast and just enjoy the awesome weather!  It made me so excited for the summer.

Some days…

We haven’t been feeling awesome the last couple days here at Casa Cartwright.  It’s definitely an adjustment being sick as a mom.  No more sleeping all day!  Luckily, I’m feeling much better today and Max hasn’t caught anything yet.

Sidenote: How perfect is his sad face?  Pretty perfectly pitiful if you ask me!

What it’s like to be 2.5 months

It includes totally ignoring anyone your same age.

What its like to be 15.5

New Favorite Song.

Go and make a Brett Dennen channel on your Pandora now.  I’ve been a little obsessed this week.  This is my new fav song:

I was telling Scott how I just love Brett Dennen.  He was teasing me about it, but I let him know that although Brett has red hair too, Scott is much cuter and thus has nothing to worry about.  Scott admitted that this song is pretty catchy, but if he catches Brett hanging around the house, we’ll have a problem.  Haha!  Now I’m totally tempted to post my top 5 favorite red-heads.  Scott definitely makes #1 (of course).  But Brett would have to make the list for musical ability alone, and we can’t forget about Cord McCoy, the Amazing Race Cowboy and PBR’er.  He’s great. (and Prince Harry and Conan. There.  Five.  Is it sad that I could keep going??!?  I think it may have been 7 brides for 7 brothers that ingrained this into my mind.  Benjamin anyone??? )

Bottom line?  Listen and love the song above.  It may change your life.  Also?  Redheads are cute.  The end.

Easy $5 Bookshelf Update

We have had this Ikea Billy Bookcase for a couple of years:

I have been wanting for a little while to do something to add some oomph to it.  I was inspired by bookcases shown here and here, where the back of the bookcase is painted a pale blue.  But the whole painting scenerio seemed a little too much for us.

Instead, I went to my favorite store.  Not second favorite or anything.  Paper Source is the real deal.  It is amazing.  It is really hard to go there and not spend tons of money.  I managed to go in last week and just buy a few things, one of which was this $5 roll of pale blue wrapping paper.  The best thing about Paper Source is the quality of all their paper.  Even their wrapping paper is thick and so nice.

Add about 15 minutes of removing books etc, hanging paper and re-filling the bookcase and now we have this:

Can I just say that I really LOVE how it turned out?  (Also of note are my new owl bookends that Andrea got me for my birthday, they are perfect!  I really love the burst of color.  It is a pretty drastic difference from the all black.  I think it is my favorite thing I have done to decorate our little place so far, especially when you think how how quick and inexpensive it was.

(Also making an appearance is our new coffee table!  Mostly only my Mom will care about that, but isn’t it pretty? It’s this one from Cost Plus.  We’ve been waiting for a while and finally got it.  Now we are making great use of our coasters too. )