Have to say…

That blogging from the comfort of my new iPad makes me a little bit happy… 🙂

Also, I had to have a new post so that my bulge post wouldn’t be at the top of the page anymore.

One more thing of note – last night after enjoying an awesome dinner with my family – we met up with some of Scott’s fam at Belmont Park, which is a little amusement park near the beach down here. In the last few years they have updated it a lot with some pretty cool new attractions. The absolute funniest of which is the mirror maze. Imagine if you will, a certain Scott Cartwright running full speed ahead into the maze, with his hands in front of his face. But don’t worry… That didn’t stop him from running smack dab into the wall and falling flat on his face. It was awesome and hilarious.

2 Responses

  1. I wish I could have seen that. I’m imagining it right now and it is pretty darn funny.

  2. Yay for IPads and Ha Ha for Scotty and fun at Belmont Park. Phil and I would haunt that place when we would stay at Mission beach in the summers.

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