Have to say…

That blogging from the comfort of my new iPad makes me a little bit happy… 🙂

Also, I had to have a new post so that my bulge post wouldn’t be at the top of the page anymore.

One more thing of note – last night after enjoying an awesome dinner with my family – we met up with some of Scott’s fam at Belmont Park, which is a little amusement park near the beach down here. In the last few years they have updated it a lot with some pretty cool new attractions. The absolute funniest of which is the mirror maze. Imagine if you will, a certain Scott Cartwright running full speed ahead into the maze, with his hands in front of his face. But don’t worry… That didn’t stop him from running smack dab into the wall and falling flat on his face. It was awesome and hilarious.


not so much a bump

more like a huge BULGE!  but props to Scott’s boss’ wife who told me at the Christmas party over the weekend that I looked “tiny.”  Seriously, there is nothing better than that.  I decided tonight that a picture of the belly needed to be taken and probably posted for posterity’s sake.  BUT ALL THE PICTURES LOOKED HORRIBLE!!!

So we went a little more artsy.  And I like how it turned out afterall, so here is my shadowy bulge.  Enjoy!

decking the halls

Since I’ve now finally posted about our Halloween, I can move onto Christmas.  There’s not another holiday in there that I’m missing is there?


What?  Oh, Thanksgiving.  It was great!  We spent the whole weekend with my family and had a great time.  What my mom thought was going to be a small gathering ended up quite large and very fun, with lots of members of my extended family visiting and lots of time to catch up.  Highlights included: My cousins baptism and birthday, lots of yum yum yummy food, and a dramatic game of touch football.   It was awesome.  I didn’t touch my camera all weekend though, so no pictures.

So onto Christmas!  We decided no Christmas tree this year, but not because we’re a bunch of Scrooges.  I still have lots of decorations, but it just seemed like a lot of money and time when we really don’t have the space in our place this year.  But here are a couple of pics of our little place all decked out:

One of the lighted garlands with all our little ornaments in it.  There are a few ornaments that I got last year in Europe along with one that we bought on our Honeymoon.

View of our living room with the piano all decorated, and also Scott’s lounging feet.  🙂

Our kitchen table.  This one is mostly for my mom so she can see our new table and chairs.  Cute, right?

We’ll that’s pretty much how we got into the Christmas spirit around here.  That and a lot of Pandora playing the holiday stations.  And some Advent Calendars.  And some Peppermint Ice Cream.  yum!

our halloween

I’m pretty late with the Halloween post, but I’m sure some of you will want to see our costumes.  First of all, I forgot this happened until I was downloading the pictures off the camera, but I woke up on Halloween morning and opened the blinds to our balcony and this was what I saw:

So creepy, right?  It was crazy!

So, we had no costumes this year, which was no big deal, but the day before our Ward Trunk or Treat, I saw this post on one of the blogs I read, and I knew I had to give it a shot.  So I rounded up the supplies and got to work.  Luckily, Scott is and ace with the x-acto knife, and it turned out pretty neat.

Scott had to have a matching one (of course!).  Here is how his turned out:

It was a very fun first halloween as married peeps.

Hey Baby

I know it’s tempting, but please try to refrain from exiting my belly through the belly button.  No matter how hard you try, I guarantee it won’t work. Patience, please!

Thank you.