things that suck

“ Your belly is hard??  It really looks soft.” – from a co-worker when talking about the status of my belly.  I may look like a fatty, but there is a HUMAN inside me.  So yes, its hard.  Thanks.

“Are you having another one??” – from same said co-worker in reference to a brownie I had just bitten into.  It was my first and only for the day, but again, thanks for looking out for me.

“ I don’t even think you look pregnant really.  You look pretty much the same to me.”  Gee – the scale and ALL MY CLOTHES say differently, but awesome.  So I’ve always looked 6 months pregnant?

“They were saying you were just gaining weight, but I told them, I knew you were having a baby.” Enough said.

2 Responses

  1. how about, “if you don’t tell me you’re pregnant then i need to talk to you about losing some weight.” (from the bishop’s wife that i’ve had maybe a handful of conversations with in the past year. 🙂

  2. my other non-favorite are the belly touchers. one girl at work at least asked if she could touch my belly, and i told her no! i’m burning bridges left and right….

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