magical blog!

Pretty much right after I hit “publish” on that last entry, the noise stopped!  Its a blogging miracle!!!

Just imagining the possibilities of this kind of power is making my head spin.  Think of what we could accomplish… let me just try for a second.

– I can’t believe our washing machine/dryer combo takes 4 hours to do a load of laundry!

– I don’t get why Hershey’s cancelled those mint cookie chocolate bars!

– Why don’t the Sounds tour more often!!?

– Why can’t Alaska and California be closer to each other, like just a short drive away??

(think it’ll work?  wish me luck!)



Our refrigerator decided today that it needs to make a sick groaning/vibrating noise.  I seriously don’t understand.  It just started out of the blue and it is so distracting that from the bedroom I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and had to blog about it.  What the heck???!

By the way, I hit the side of the fridge, Fonzi style and the sound didn’t stop.  I think I’m losing my touch.

things that suck

“ Your belly is hard??  It really looks soft.” – from a co-worker when talking about the status of my belly.  I may look like a fatty, but there is a HUMAN inside me.  So yes, its hard.  Thanks.

“Are you having another one??” – from same said co-worker in reference to a brownie I had just bitten into.  It was my first and only for the day, but again, thanks for looking out for me.

“ I don’t even think you look pregnant really.  You look pretty much the same to me.”  Gee – the scale and ALL MY CLOTHES say differently, but awesome.  So I’ve always looked 6 months pregnant?

“They were saying you were just gaining weight, but I told them, I knew you were having a baby.” Enough said.

has it been a while?

So its probably about time to update this thing, right?  The last six months have gone by unbelievably fast, but here is a quick breakdown.

With April came a much anticipated trip to Boston.  We were able to stay with my sister, spend some quality time with her family, enjoy the celebrations for Founder’s Day, and watch Scott’s Dad run the marathon . . .

In May we found out Katie and her family was moving far far away to AK so we had a sleepover with the kids as a kind of last San Diego memory with them.  We were chefs that made pizza, watched a little Yo Gabba Gabba and did some make-overs slash played foozball.  The kiddos were so great.   We also joined in on the Cartwright “Stylish Party” as a congrats to Katie and Andrea for finishing their programs.  We dressed up, danced, and had a fun fun time.

In June the Hamptons moved, but we found out right before they left that we were pregnant!  It was so fun to be able to share that news with the family as we were all trying to figure out how we were going to survive without the kiddos around.  (We’re making it, thanks to Skype…)

July we went to Utah for Alli’s wedding!  St. George was hot as the blazes, but we had a great road trip with Janelle, listening to This American Life and eating junk food and rocking out to the Killers.  The ceremony was amazing and the reception a perfect mix of Alli and Chris.  Scott continued his domination in the sports world at one time participating in hockey, soccer and THREE softball leagues.  No wonder he’s always tired.  😉

In August, we celebrated our 6th month anniversary.  We had a nice night out and the yummiest mud pie ever at Claim Jumper (ask for it with Cookies and Cream ice cream. YUM!)  I started throwing around some baby names, but the typical response was always a vague “hmmmm….eh? yeah… I guess that’s an okay one?”  So we decided to wait until we know if it’s a boy or a girl to get serious about naming.

September was CRAZY!  Highs included finding out our baby was a sweet little BOY and introducing Scott’s dad and Joanie to the trash that is the Jersey Shore.  Lows included one of the busiest work seasons for both of us, a heat wave that made it impossible to sleep and a few serious family illnesses.

But now – – – it is OCTOBER!  I am seriously so stoked about this.  I absolutely love the holiday season and the fun it brings.  I love the smells and the treats and all the decorations.  I’m definitely not going overboard with my crafty self, but I can’t help getting a little excited about pumpkins. (especially when they are bedazzled!)