My least favorite question right now

Nope, its not: “When you guys gonna start a family?”  or “How are you settling into your new home?” Both of which are asked a lot and neither of which have definitive answers.

Its “So, what are your hobbies?”

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to answer this, ultimately my first answer would be graphic design.  Which seems really reasonable and true right?  Except this question usually comes right after someone asks me what I do for a living and I’ve told them I’m a graphic designer.  BORING ALERT!

I was telling Scott I want to say “Uh, well we like to cuddle, and watch LOST.  Does that count?”

But it doesn’t count, because if you ask Scott what his hobbies are, they include a plethora of sports.  Hockey, Softball, Soccer, Racquetball, etc etc etc.  So I can’t really say that just hanging with him is my hobby because its not his to hang with me!  That makes me even more of a Lam-o.

So I end up scrambling for a hobby that almost always seems untrue (being active!) or boring (I like music?).

And for the last 6 months before we were married, so much of everything I did in my spare time was centered on the wedding and scott and planning everything.  And now that we share a life together I need something else to be interested in.

So, I’m putting it out to the masses, what should my answer be? Here are some that I have been thinking about:


  • Pros – Its actually a hobby of mine and I think I’m pretty good at it.
  • Cons – Its also part of my day job and pretty much everyone and their mother is a photographer


  • Pros – I already know how to sew and have a sewing machine
  • Cons – I’m pretty impatient and not very good, but practice could make could make perfect, right?


  • Pros – I love to read!  This should probably be my #1 answer all the time
  • Cons – DORK

Camping, Hiking, Being Outside

  • Pros – I do like to do all these things, I’m not afraid of dirt, and I drive a Subaru!
  • Cons – Is a camping trip once a year at best enough for consideration?

Working Out

  • Pros – Its really good for me.
  • Cons – I hate it.  (Could hate turn to love?  Should I kill working out with kindness and then we will be friends?)


  • Pros – I like to cook, and I can hold my own in the kitchen
  • Cons – Definitely not Julia Child

Catching up on my Google Reader

  • Pros – I definitely spend lots of time reading my blog feeds – usually every morning I’ll have more than 100 unread posts!
  • Cons – “Your what?”  “An RSS who?”

I guess I can start by responding with, “Do you mean things that I like to spend my time doing, or things that I wish I like to spend my time doing?” Or maybe just “Oh, I like to Photogra-sew-cook-read-blog-gym-camp!”

3 Responses

  1. Next time you should say: “My favorite hobby is minding my own damn business.” And then just stare at them. They’ll quit asking.

  2. “Hmm, where do I start, besides watching Scotty play sports (I’m his #1 fan) I love photography, sewing,cooking,etc.. and then when I have time I try to keep up with all my blogs. What hobbies do you have?”


    See Reuben’s comment above!

  3. Hmmm the minute I think of fun things that Bre does, besides being amazingly cool person (which could also be a hobbie) is photography, you are amazing at it, and always make it fun 😉

    Oh and PLEASE say you will come to souplantation for dinner before fast sunday with us this coming saturday! WE HAVE A LOT TO CATCH UP ON! AND I MEAN A LOT! 😀 Miss both you guys bunches

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