i guess we’re doing this wrong?

i am sure that all of you know that i am quite taller than scott.  i was always the tallest out of everyone, and scott has always be the opposite.  we are quite the match.

anyways, the other day, we were at scott’s mom’s house, standing in the kitchen.  scott walked over to me and gave me a big squeeze. scott’s 4 year old niece kenley was there and she stopped what she was doing and looked at us quizzically. then she announced:

“guys, boys are ‘sposed to be taller than girls!”

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  1. HI! so you guys are totally married now, and dont mean to be doingthis on your honeymoon…but just found your website from your facebook and LOVE IT! a few things….1.congrats on getting married!!! best day of your life,and the countdown is done with- now it’s just soooo much fun from here on out (with occasional fighting…hehe) anyway…2. LOVED your reception and sohappy we were abletomakeit! you two LOOKED fabulous. really. and 3. um join the club!!!! isnt it funstandingoutand being “different” than everyone? i amso stoked thatwe have friends likeus:) andto add toityouguys aresooo sweetandso much fun. and last4.- ourspacebarsucks. i can only make aspaceevery once in a while.wellhope you are enjoying your honeymoon!!!of course youare—-FUN!!!!! letsplay someday:)

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