where we find love for the …

so, i love the dot dot dot…

if i could i would use it at the end of every sentence…every text message…in every email…

it makes me happy for some reason…but it probably seems like i am indecisive…or as if i don’t know what i am going to say.

one time i was asked to play the organ for a YSA conference we were having.  I responded with a “sure…”

they responded with “is that going to be a problem?”

i realized that my dot dot dots made it seem like i was lackluster in my willingness to organ-ize (ha!).  since then, i have tried harder to be more confident.

“sure!” “of course.” “there would be nothing i could possibly want to do more.”

hopefully that’s more clear…

One Response

  1. Try adding more dots and see if they will just leave you alone…

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