have you ever done this before? clicked from blog to blog to blog trolling about the lives of friends, acquaintances, that girl from your freshman math class and total strangers?

the other night scott, his sisters and i were talking about his cousin’s girlfriend.

“oh, she’s totally cute. ” i said.

all three pairs of eyes turned to me.  “when have you seen her?” i was grilled.

“well, on his blog.” i admitted.

“he has a blog?!?”

“yeah, i saw the link on [insert friend of sister here] blog. which i get to from your blog.”

sounds easy right?

2 Responses

  1. Duh. why do you think I read YOUR blog???

  2. had to laugh when i saw this. gotta love a good blog stalk. found you via reuben via heather via her comment on my blog. huzzah.

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