By the Numbers

  • 4 Weeks
  • 27 Days
  • 225 Invitations
  • 50+ Family Members
  • 60 Pinwheels
  • 46 Items on my To Do List
  • 1 New to Us Apartment
  • 1 Cute Cartwright
  • 1 Very Excited Brianne

Seriously – I am getting super excited.  4 Weeks from right now I will be Mrs. Cartwright.  It is very surreal and so happy-making.  Work is so slow right now so I spend lots of my days drumming my fingers on my desk and then come home to a mounting pile of packages and misguided invitations and crafts that need to be crafted.  Sleep seems wasteful, but I’m doing my best.

Thursday night I had a dream that we were late to the reception, and I was nowhere near ready.  My hair was a mess, and I was in jeans and an old t-shirt.  We ended up in a random home somewhere and the family room was filled to the brim with friends and family.  I would hop off the couch when new guests came and hug them and then plop back down and laugh with friends.  I woke up thinking it was real, happy that we had a good time, but wishing there hadn’t been a stain on my shirt.

Back to reality and the real reception planned – if everyone could send out prayers, hopes and altogether happy thoughts of sunshine and a cloudless sky, it would be very much appreciated.

A few nights ago after hockey, Scott and I were watching the end of a movie in our new little home.  I was almost overcome with how perfect it is for us.  Just the right size to learn to live together and make our lives together.  Just another reminder that we are on the right track.

And that is the bottom line to my blathering today – being on the right track and going the right way just feel so…. right.

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