tonight’s best conversation

brianne: “so i was telling her about your pickiness…” (referring to scott’s picky eating habits)

scott: “wait – what’s a biki-nus?”

end scene.


i guess we’re doing this wrong?

i am sure that all of you know that i am quite taller than scott.  i was always the tallest out of everyone, and scott has always be the opposite.  we are quite the match.

anyways, the other day, we were at scott’s mom’s house, standing in the kitchen.  scott walked over to me and gave me a big squeeze. scott’s 4 year old niece kenley was there and she stopped what she was doing and looked at us quizzically. then she announced:

“guys, boys are ‘sposed to be taller than girls!”

where we find love for the …

so, i love the dot dot dot…

if i could i would use it at the end of every sentence…every text message…in every email…

it makes me happy for some reason…but it probably seems like i am indecisive…or as if i don’t know what i am going to say.

one time i was asked to play the organ for a YSA conference we were having.  I responded with a “sure…”

they responded with “is that going to be a problem?”

i realized that my dot dot dots made it seem like i was lackluster in my willingness to organ-ize (ha!).  since then, i have tried harder to be more confident.

“sure!” “of course.” “there would be nothing i could possibly want to do more.”

hopefully that’s more clear…

breakfast – fail

scott’s house at 10 am, sunday morning.  realize that instant oatmeal is not actually instant without a microwave.  settle on hershey kisses and diet coke instead.  breakfast of champions!

i want…

a cozy home with faded blue walls and big, bright windows.  red-headed children laughing and running between my feet.  a successful and busy office where websites are built by the minute, and invitations fly out the door to excited brides across the country.  a happy husband with a penchant for hockey.

11 days and counting….


have you ever done this before? clicked from blog to blog to blog trolling about the lives of friends, acquaintances, that girl from your freshman math class and total strangers?

the other night scott, his sisters and i were talking about his cousin’s girlfriend.

“oh, she’s totally cute. ” i said.

all three pairs of eyes turned to me.  “when have you seen her?” i was grilled.

“well, on his blog.” i admitted.

“he has a blog?!?”

“yeah, i saw the link on [insert friend of sister here] blog. which i get to from your blog.”

sounds easy right?

You like them? I designed them.

Several people have asked where I got my wedding invitations, and the answer is I designed them myself, and put them together with lots of help and hard work from family and friends.  And the best news is, I can design yours too!

Really just a quick plug, if you are interested check back with me towards the end of February when I will be leaping full steam ahead into freelancing design solutions for weddings from large to small.  I would be happy to discuss pricing and ideas, just let me know!