i consider myself a fairly experienced person when it comes to childcare.  decades of babysitting under my belt.  impressive, right?  i have learned to play my cards right to win the friendship of children far and wide.  for some, you can go all out and be super enthusiastic and they will just eat it up.  for others (ahem-kenley-ahem) 🙂  you have to just pretend like you could give or take whether she showed you her polly pockets, no big deal.

it is a big deal, usually.

but there is this one little kid that i cannot get enough of.  his name is van.  no matter what i do, i simply can’t control myself around the little guy.  and he basically knows it.  he crawls around looking all cute and basically begging for us to chomp his cheekies.  and then he is the one acting like, no big deal.

my single favorite moment this week was going in and getting him up on monday morning.  i heard him squawking from my room (where i was still in a peaceful slumber).  i got up to check and walked into his room.  i walked in all “hey van! good morning!!!!!” and he looked back at me like “eh.”  that’s some serious heart break right there folks.  but the best part was the net marks on his forehead from sleeping a little bit mashed up to the pack and play.  net marks!  oh man.

i’m done for.

2 Responses

  1. I agree, he really is the cutest, most agreeable little guy. It isn’t too hard to coax a smile out of him and then kiss those round cheeks of his!!!

  2. i love it when other people think my baby is as cute as i do! while getting up early in the morning to get him isn’t always fun, it certainly beats any other reason for getting up in the morning!

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