Sleep Depping

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I went to BYU. For about 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds (or three semesters, whatev) I met some remarkable people, including a certain Miss Andrea Cartwright. Little did I know she would one day be my sis-in-law! But this story is not about her. Although I do have stories… but I digress.

There used to be this little ol’ place called Deseret Towers and they were the fairest dorms in all the land. (ha!) I lived there, in the penthouse known as the 7th floor of T-Hall. In my comings and goings I starting hanging around with a crew of 4 boys from R-Hall. Jon, Neil, Jake and Nick. These boys loved to stay up late, late, late and sometimes not go to bed at all. They taught me all the benefits of being a night owl. Like how the greatest AIM conversations happen at around 2 am and how IHOP in Provo is hopping anytime of the night. One day these boys hatched a plan. They decided to have a contest to see if they could all stay awake for 5 days and nights straight. They had done double all-nighters in a row, but would usually crash on night three. In amongst their scheming, I had a plan of my own. I wanted to go to Homecoming, dang it! So I made a friendly wager with Jake, the tallest of the boys (as were my priorities back then). I bet him that he couldn’t stay awake for the whole time. If he lost, he would have to take me to Homecoming, and if I lost, I would kiss him…on the lips! Scandalous, I know. The agreement was made and the “sleep depping” began. (Short for sleep deprivation.)

Night one and two were a breeze. The boys kept themselves busy by bringing my roommates and I muffins sent up our elevator at 7:30 am and giving us wake up calls.

Night three came with a walk from BYU campus down to the aforementioned IHOP, just to stay awake because they were walking. But at IHOP sleep depping took its first casualty. Nick. Asleep over his chocolate chip pancake face. He did wake up to walk home, though.

Night four featured video games and skateboarding. And Neal was down for the count.

Finally, the moment. Night Five. Two contenders left. I talked a big talk. “You are getting veeeeeerrrrrrry sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppy.” I slowly jeered. Then I went to bed.

The next morning, I heard the news. At approx 5:20 am. 40 minutes before the sleep depping bet was through, Jake fell asleep. Sweet Victory!

Jake and I didn’t end up going to Homecoming together, but he did hold up his end of the bargain somewhat by taking me out for milkshakes at Granny’s.

I did my own version of sleep depping last night. I’m not sure why. I got home a little after midnight, but was just not ready to hit the sac. There were packing lists to write, registries to edit, laundry to put away, jewelry to organize (? what was I thinking!?!). Long story short, it was 4:00am before I knew it and at that point, I knew I had to stay awake.

I am sure that tonight I’ll crash hard, but I am doing okay for now. And my co-workers were impressed with how chipper I was this morning, mostly because my body thought it was still last night!

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