My life has not always gone how I have planned.

And, oh, I had a plan.  Everything was to go exactly as it was supposed to.

and Loads of Children

But God had a different plan.  I had character to build and courage to strengthen.  I had priorities to align.  I thought long and hard about how to achieve the goals I set forth for myself.

How to be happy?
How to be successful?
How to be what I need to be, even when the path is nothing like I expected.

For years I was paralyzed by fear of judgment.  What would those people think?  What would these people say?  How would I feel?  Once I took the leap, and made the bravest decision I would ever make, everything lined up for me.

Laughter filled the holes where before there was just fear.
Reconnection was sweet as my family opened their home and more importantly their hearts to me when I needed it the most.
My identity as a creative was established.  I realized I could actually do it.

And before I knew it, I was in love again.  And oh man, it was the last person I expected.  The best person I know.  The person who understands what I am trying to say, and sees the best in me where others couldn’t.  The man who will do favors for any and all at the drop of a hat.  Who can laugh at jokes with me that our parents would think are inappropriate, but who will also read scriptures with me at night, always ending with a “Good one, honey.”  Nephi, Alma, Helaman.  Good Ones all.

We decided to marry, but that was just the start of the second hardest trial of my life.


And trust too.  But mostly patience.

I was not the best student at this test.

But it turns out God wants Scott and I to get married afterall.  So we will.

We are very happy about that.

{Sealing Cancellation approved November 3, 2009.}
Official wedding date forthcoming

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  1. Oh Bri!! That is so awesome! I am so happy for you!

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