yes yes yes

I said that, and he put a beautiful ring on my finger, and now we’re getting married!

What?  That’s not a good enough update?  I’m afraid that’s all you are going to get here for now.  I was hesitating doing an official announcement, and I think its funny that the only person that seemed to mind was my own Mom, who heard the whole story, first hand, the night it happened.  🙂

I have been feeling wary about how much of my life (our lives) I want to post on the internet for all to see.  I’m feeling such a disconnect from the people I love that live far away, and I think it is because I know all about their lives before they can even tell me.  I love the internet, modern technology is such a blessing in our lives, but for now the personal stories of my life are going to be saved for my moleskine journal with my very own handwriting.  I’m bringing it back to basics.

And although I want my friends near and far to know when important milestones in our lives occur, they are going to find out via email, phone or facebook where I have more say in who see’s what information.  Life has become very real lately, in a very exciting and awesome way, and all the sudden my future is knocking at my door.   It is overwhelming.

So, email me! Add me on Facebook!  Let me know that you want to know more, and I will make sure you are kept in the loop.  This blog will remain, but will be more of a forum for my graphic arts and less about my personal life.

Also, I will still be updating frequently at Things We Almost Bought and especially if you want to find out how I plan to have an amazing wedding at a portion of the cost, you’ll want to tune in there.

4 Responses

  1. I thought this happened like 2 months ago…?

    • not everyone is as on the up and up as you. . .

      really though, i had just been getting some grief as to my lack of updating, and updating on that in particular, so now its done.

  2. 🙂 sorry to be such a pain.

  3. Congrats again, Bri!! We are all very excited for you!!!

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