quick update

since my last post i have:

  • attended weddings for three of my good friends from the singles ward
  • celebrated a heap of birthdays including those for: mom, dad, janelle, scott, griffin and even my own
  • went to disneyland three times
  • house sat for my parents while they visited autumn and family for spring break
  • dealt with our little dogs escaping the backyard not once, not twice, but three times during my week there
  • organized mom and dad’s attic again – totally purging most of my old things.  (this was on my 101 list!)
  • joined a gym
  • enjoyed a great visit from Chrissy J (now Cain) who I don’t see often enough
  • had a great Easter with the Cartwrights
  • went to the beach for the first time this year – – there was seriously great weather this weekend
  • caught a cold. 😦
  • started a new blog with my best friend!

janelle and i were talking on saturday about our spending habits and we made a pact that for the next three months, we are not going to spend any money on ourselves except for food and gas.  so in leiu of buying all the wonderfully awesome things that we think we just have to have, we are going to blog about them.  check it out at thingswealmostbought.blogspot.com

and here are some fun pics from the last couple of months – – enjoy!



4 Responses

  1. These are GREAT photos!! I love the top one. You two are so good together. Really.

    I love the Christine shots as well. She’s rad. 🙂

    In her words, “Read your scriptures!” 🙂


  2. I’m so glad that I came on here and that you are updating this again. Yay! I agree with Janelle, the top pic of you and Scott is a keeper. I think I need a copy for my house, how about that?

  3. thanks guys!

    mom – i think that can be arranged… 🙂

  4. way cute pics of you and scott!!! i love how i’m barely in that bday one and i’m just staring haha.

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