25 little things

so this meme has been spreading like wildfire all across facebook and i wrote a little bit there, and then thought that it might make a good blog post as well, and appease those who are dying to hear more about my little life.

1. i am constantly cracking my knuckles and longing to crack the knuckles of people around me.
2. i am really grumpy when woken up in the middle of sleeping
3. i have had 23 different roommates throughout the years
4. i have lived in 9 different houses/apartments in my adult life
5. i like to make “rules” for myself about lots of things – what time i wake up, what time i must go home by, and other things i must do.
6. because of this i am a perpetual rule-breaker.
7. i often countdown from 10 before doing something i don’t want to do, like getting out of bed or the shower.
8. usually i get to one and start over…
9. i want to support myself someday solely on my graphic design.
10. i have always loved loved loved kids and really want to have a bundle of my own.
11. i love to read and am usually halfway through about 3 books at a time.
12. there was a time where i had to make a schedule for all the TV watching i was doing.
13. now i don’t have cable, and so i have much more free time πŸ™‚
14. growing up i was boy CRAZY, and would have a huge crush on a different boy every week.
15. because of this, when i was 15 my sister gave me a mystery date game for christmas.
16. also growing up i would often make up memories of things that i swore happened to us, but no one else could ever remember.
17. still no one believes me if i remember something differently than they do, its always, well brianne, is this a made up memory???
18. i was also SUPER gullible. on more than one occasion, my sisters had be convinced that they were telepathic.
19. for some reason i am filling this list with embarrassing memories and poor personality traits. i swear i am a good person….
20. i want to travel the world but so far haven’t made it out of the continental us north america.
21. but i have a passport now, so you never know!
22. the only C i ever got in elementary school was in 6th grade. for PE.
23. i was pen pals with my cousin angela for years and years when we were younger. i also would send letters to my little cousin (not so little now) emily so that she would get something in the mail.
24. i have many nicknames: bri, breezy, bri-beep, bri-bear, breezyanna, breezyanne tai… etc etc
25. i NEVER fill these things out, or email forwards. guess this is your lucky day!

and a little bonus for my blog readers:

26. i am currently spending a lot of time with this guy:


One Response

  1. Well, I’m glad that I’m one of your blog readers so I can see a picture of the guy you are currently in a relationship with…. πŸ˜€

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