ode to the office

not to be posting a million things in one day, but allison sent this to me today and i have to share it for those of you that watch the office.  this is so awesome.  my boss and i always joke around about this show.  he even has his own dwight bobblehead.  yup.  he is pretty darn cool.


101 in 1001

so my roommate allison and i decided this year instead of making new years resolutions to make a list of 101 things that we want to complete in 1001 days.  i am not going to be posting all 101 of the goals that i have, but i thought as i complete them, i would write a little bit about what i did and how it went. it has been pretty fun coming up with 101 things that we want to accomplish and then getting other people excited and making their own lists.  we might even start a club that would rival the UJFFCA (if you’re not sure what this is, ask griff).  my 1001 days end on SEPTEMBER 29, 2011.  this may seem like a lot of time, but 101 things is a lot!

so here are the first few that i have finished:

#37 – take engagement pictures for someone.

i took brandon and melanie’s  pictures just a few weeks ago.  it is actually a pretty funny story.  because of some delays that were out of their hands, we drove up to the beach about 5 minutes before the sun went completely under the water.  it was a very hectic time trying to get as many good pictures as we could before we lost any and all light.  but all of us were really happy with how they turned out.  here is my favorite:

004and here is the one that they used:


#94 – get janelle (my best friend) to try out the Gilmore Girls

this one is so funny to me, because i thought that it was going to be completely impossible.  allison and i have been trying to convince janelle for AGES that the gilmore girls is a great show and that she will love it.  (amoung allison and i, we almost have 2 copies of every season of the show.  yeah, we were pretty much destined to be friends and roomies).  janelle was so so so stubborn about it and always refused to give it a shot.  and credit where credit is due, it was definitely alli who finally convinced her to give it a try.  but i was there for the occasion when we watched the pilot together.  and the best part?  of course, she LOVED it and hasn’t stopped watching since.

#96 – go to all of scott’s playoff hockey games

scott said i could count this one as done, even though i missed the last game of the season, which was his consolation round.  he said the playoffs were over for them at that point anyways.  i might have to try again next season (which starts again pretty much right away), but for now, i am counting it!  i totally learned so much about hockey, which is a sport i knew pretty much nothing about, with the exception of the flying V and singing “we are the champions” around a campfire with emilio estevez.  my favorite part of the playoffs?  the traditional playoff beard.  you just gotta love it.  🙂

#101 – learn to solve and solve a rubix cube

done!  i am super proud of this one, as everyone in my family will tell you.  lately i have been demanding them to be impressed everytime i solve it.  my mom is definitely over it, but i am so stoked everytime.  it is truly something i never thought i would do, so i seriously get excited.  don’t tell anyone, but i have beaten scott at solving it too.  bwahahah!  first the rubix cube, then the world, right?

so those are my completed goals.  there are many more in the works, most of which include some sort of time condition (ie do this for a year or that for 3 months straight).  but i will keep you posted.  and if anyone wants to join us, we are collecting lists and if we get enough peeps to join, we might start a facebook group or something.

25 little things

so this meme has been spreading like wildfire all across facebook and i wrote a little bit there, and then thought that it might make a good blog post as well, and appease those who are dying to hear more about my little life.

1. i am constantly cracking my knuckles and longing to crack the knuckles of people around me.
2. i am really grumpy when woken up in the middle of sleeping
3. i have had 23 different roommates throughout the years
4. i have lived in 9 different houses/apartments in my adult life
5. i like to make “rules” for myself about lots of things – what time i wake up, what time i must go home by, and other things i must do.
6. because of this i am a perpetual rule-breaker.
7. i often countdown from 10 before doing something i don’t want to do, like getting out of bed or the shower.
8. usually i get to one and start over…
9. i want to support myself someday solely on my graphic design.
10. i have always loved loved loved kids and really want to have a bundle of my own.
11. i love to read and am usually halfway through about 3 books at a time.
12. there was a time where i had to make a schedule for all the TV watching i was doing.
13. now i don’t have cable, and so i have much more free time 🙂
14. growing up i was boy CRAZY, and would have a huge crush on a different boy every week.
15. because of this, when i was 15 my sister gave me a mystery date game for christmas.
16. also growing up i would often make up memories of things that i swore happened to us, but no one else could ever remember.
17. still no one believes me if i remember something differently than they do, its always, well brianne, is this a made up memory???
18. i was also SUPER gullible. on more than one occasion, my sisters had be convinced that they were telepathic.
19. for some reason i am filling this list with embarrassing memories and poor personality traits. i swear i am a good person….
20. i want to travel the world but so far haven’t made it out of the continental us north america.
21. but i have a passport now, so you never know!
22. the only C i ever got in elementary school was in 6th grade. for PE.
23. i was pen pals with my cousin angela for years and years when we were younger. i also would send letters to my little cousin (not so little now) emily so that she would get something in the mail.
24. i have many nicknames: bri, breezy, bri-beep, bri-bear, breezyanna, breezyanne tai… etc etc
25. i NEVER fill these things out, or email forwards. guess this is your lucky day!

and a little bonus for my blog readers:

26. i am currently spending a lot of time with this guy: