Currently OBSESSED With…

So I have seriously been obsessed lately thinking about swimming again on a regular basis.  It is the only type of work out that has ever been remotely successful for me plus, I love it!  The thought crossed my mind last week that I should find out where to get a membership so that I could start up again, and then a book I was reading talked about swimming a bunch – it is this silly book of fiction short stories and in three of them, one of the main characters is a hard core swimmer.  So anyways, swimming has been on my mind.  There is a boys and girls club nearby and also the YMCA would be on the way home from work next week, so I am going to look into both and see how it goes.  The Y also has a Master’s swim program, where I would have a coach telling me what to do, which is always better for me and I would be improving my strokes, too.

Also, when I was online getting a new suit and goggles, I saw this little number.  It is a waterproof MP3 player that attaches to your goggles!  If I keep at it with the swimming thing for a while, I think this will be my reward.

On Monday night at FHE, we played a game where we had to write something down about ourselves that no one would know and then we guessed who the facts belonged to.  Mine was: “Won the award for best attendance on a sports team in high school.”  I didn’t want to say swim team because I thought it might give me away.  I laugh everytime I think about that plaque.  I may not have been the fastest or the best, but gosh darn it, I was THERE!  Pretty ironic that I didn’t make it to the banquet that year so I wasn’t in attendance to accept my award.  Oh well.