Real Life

so, i found out last friday that my full time job was being cut to a part time job.  this is stressful and exciting at the same time.  here are the pros and cons as i see them —

    +  30 (or so) hours a week is still a decent paycheck and should cover my bills
    –  i will need to make up the extra cash somewhere
    +  my boss is changing the policy so i still will have all full time benes at work (ie health insurance, 401k etc)
    –  it is STRESSFUL to think that i could sort of be my own boss
    +  my awesome roommate and other friends have already been sending the word out so i have a few new clients.
    –  new clients – AH!!
    +  more free time over the next couple of weeks to get everything done and finish my program with a bang!
    –  get myself started ready or not!

so this is it!  i am truly excited and think that it is such a blessing for me to have this opportunity to have a steady job in an unstable market while i try to get my business off the ground.  stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as i launch some holiday cards which will be for sale in plenty of time for the holidays, revamp both this site and myTai Creative and just get things going around here!  it is quite nervewracking, but i am really excited.

please if you or anyone you know needs any design work done, from logo work to web design – i really can do it all!  or email me at breezy.tai at gmail dot com.


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