What Friday Night Lights character is my roommate Allison:

I just took it and I am Tami Taylor too. Allison and I joke that we are a lot a like – I guess its true! We just needed a cheesy internet quiz to confirm it…

On being unemployed

Yes, thats right, I was laid off from my day job as of Tuesday at noon.  It was quite a shock and I have spent the last couple of days updating my professional resume, getting my design portfolio even more polished and together, and even scraping together a nannying resume.  I am hitting it at all angles and am determined to have something new by September 1st!  The good news is I already have a job interview tomorrow that I am really excited about — but I don’t want to jinx it, so no info about that until I have more to say.

In other news — have you folks heard of ChaCha?  My roomate Allison first introduced me to it.  Basically you can text any question you may have to ChaCha (242242) and it will respond with an answer. There is no charge except for your regular texting charges, and since my phone now has unlimited texting (thanks to Griffin and his endless campaigning on that front), it costs me nothing.  I sometimes ask for a silly joke, or fact, Allison has asked for the best place to get her car smogged and it responded with pricing and location.  Seriously, this thing is amazing.  So I decided that I wanted to learn more about ChaCha.  Is it a computer answering these questions?  Come to find out, there are actually ChaCha “guides” that work from their homes, scouring the interwebs and answering your questions.  They get paid 10 cents an answer.  So I signed up a couple of weeks ago thinking that it might be a fun thing to do when I am at home on the evenings at my computer anyways, and you all know how I feel about sites like Google, Wikipedia and IMDB.  I get addicted!  So what better way to feed my hunger for pointless facts than to paid to find the answers for people, right?




Wrong.  I mean, at 10 cents an answer I would have to answer ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY questions to earn 15 dollars!!  That is just plain crazy!!  And to get my rent paid, I will need to answer FIVE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED and FIFTY questions.  I better get started!

[Okay – it has been brought to my attention that I am an idiot, but really, I plan on having a job by OCTOBER 1st, not September!  I am not going to be waiting a year to find work, that would be tragic indeed.]

Rock the Viz-ote!

So I was just on Slate doing my daily lunch time current event catch up reading (DLTCECUR for short?) and I saw this article about young voters and rocking the vote.  It speculates whether voters 29 and younger will come out to vote this year and if that will make a difference for Obama, who currently has 60% of the young people vote. 

There was one paragraph that irked me:

Of course, organizers are saying this year could be different. And not just because of will.i.am. Here are a few indicators that in 2008 young people might actually turn off the Family Guy marathon and show up on voting day.

What?!? I mean, I understand if we are talking about the 21 and under vote – but 29 and under and they are putting us all in the category of a bunch of couch potatoes who spend all their evenings watching Family Guy reruns on comedy central?!  Ugh.  I would venture to guess that many of the 29 and under registered voters are young professionals with real interest in what is going on in the world around them. 

Along the same vein – I caught this video this morning from the Craig Ferguson show. 

Seriously – it is so true.  Look into the issues – find out what the candidates will actually DO for you and vote accordingly, but VOTE! 

for my mom.

hi mom.  this is funny and it is just for you:

ah.  i love the soup…

Real Life

so, i found out last friday that my full time job was being cut to a part time job.  this is stressful and exciting at the same time.  here are the pros and cons as i see them —

    +  30 (or so) hours a week is still a decent paycheck and should cover my bills
    –  i will need to make up the extra cash somewhere
    +  my boss is changing the policy so i still will have all full time benes at work (ie health insurance, 401k etc)
    –  it is STRESSFUL to think that i could sort of be my own boss
    +  my awesome roommate and other friends have already been sending the word out so i have a few new clients.
    –  new clients – AH!!
    +  more free time over the next couple of weeks to get everything done and finish my program with a bang!
    –  get myself started ready or not!

so this is it!  i am truly excited and think that it is such a blessing for me to have this opportunity to have a steady job in an unstable market while i try to get my business off the ground.  stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as i launch some holiday cards which will be for sale in plenty of time for the holidays, revamp both this site and myTai Creative and just get things going around here!  it is quite nervewracking, but i am really excited.

please if you or anyone you know needs any design work done, from logo work to web design – i really can do it all!  or email me at breezy.tai at gmail dot com.